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About Us is an informational website sponsored by the Law Offices of Steven J. O'Neill and focused on the interrelationship between electronic discovery & document retention policies. The costs and risks of electronic discovery can be enormous if not properly controlled. A "document retention" policy essentially functions as a "document destruction" policy.  Numerous court opinions (including the U.S. Supreme Court in the Andersen case) have ruled that it is legally proper to destroy documents and records - so long as it is done in conjunction with a compliant document retention policy and before a legal duty to preserve attaches.

While it might seem easy enough to "borrow" a document retention policy and retention schedule from a publication or the web, the law often requires more. In the event of an investigation, government audit or lawsuit, how the policy was adopted and how consistently it was followed will be challenged to the extreme.  The test for any document retention policy that might be challenged can be summed up as follows:  Is our document retention policy legally defensible?

This website is an introduction to our multidisciplinary service offerings.  It provides useful information regarding risk assessment, best practices, industry standardsStart Here Logo small and legal principles to help organizations determine where to start.  It also provides some free self-help risk assessment tools. Most importantly, it provides an incremental set of defined services that allow organizations to explore where and how to start the process.  The process should begin with a consultation that is protected by attorney-client communications privilege. No matter where you are in the process or how complicated the legal and technical issues, you can Start Here.

Every organization has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses in the three main areas of expertise required to forge a workable and defensible solution: eDiscovery law, Records & Information Management, and Information Technology.  Our approach is to leverage each organization's strengths.  An initial assessment can identify in-house knowledge gaps and we can then bring in additional specialized professionals to work as a team.


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